Brant County Christadelphians

Fellowship Practice

The Brant County Christadelphian Ecclesia is organized and conducts its fellowship on the doctrines and precepts of the Scriptures as conveniently summarized in the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF), and as historically upheld by the worldwide Central Fellowship of Christadelphians. All who are members in good standing in Central Christadelphian Ecclesias and who fellowship only on this basis, are welcome to partake of the emblems.

It is understood that the historical fellowship practice upheld by the worldwide Central Fellowship of Christadelphians has recognized reunion documents where ecclesias have joined the Central Fellowship on the basis of the scriptural teachings of the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith.

Visitors from other fellowships and churches (i.e. BUSF, NASU, Non-Paused UA08, COGAF, etc.) are welcome to attend, but not to participate in any capacity in our Ecclesial meetings or to partake of the Memorial Emblems.


Brant County Christadelphian Hall,
8 Leonard Street,
Brantford, Ontario

Start Times

Sunday School @ 9:30AM (Except July and August)
Memorial Meeting @ 11:00AM (10:00AM in July and August)
For Bible Class and Lecture times, please contact the recording brother.