Doctrinal Studies

This section is dedicated to studies of doctrinal matters which go a long way in determining our understanding the Bible as a whole.

The purpose of this section on doctrine is to encourage you to question the very foundations of your belief system, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon or Christadelphian. I believe that everyone needs to go back to the Bible and look at it with an open mind and see what it is actually teaching. If it contradicts long held beliefs, so be it. The Bible takes priority over any creed or set of beliefs.

The articles produced here are the results of my own studies with the above approach in mind. While I was raised Christadelphian, I did not approach these studies with the automatic assumption the Christadelphians had it right, though that was the conclusion I came to through careful study of the Bible.

To the left is a list of study topics that will hopefully expand over time.